Denise is truly a genius with the kids. They are naturally drawn to her and quickly feel at ease with her. I am so happy with the tools my son learned from Denise!
— Inner Peace Kids Club Parent

My Mission

My mission is to help children manage their stress so that they can be confident and resilient.

Why am I so passionate about children?

I have worked with children in a library setting for over 20 years creating, planning and conducting children's programs and events. I love connecting with kids.  It has always come so naturally to me.   Children bring light and love into this world. heir perspective on life is honest, curious and best of all playful.  What better way to experience the world but through the eyes of a child?  I want to show children that they can live their lives never forgetting how to see with this vision.   

Why Inner Peace Kids?

I struggled all my life with self esteem and body image issues.  In an attempt to find my own inner peace I set out on a quest to live a healthy lifestyle through yoga, meditation, and more.  Through the process of healing myself I discovered how important childhood is in shaping how you think and see yourself.  Armed with this knowledge I started researching how I could offer guidance and strategies to help children deal with life's challenges.  If I had learned these techniques when I was young how would things have been different in adulthood?

I started with my son.  I started teaching him relaxation and calming techniques through guided meditation and mindfulness activities.  It helped him immensely.  I watched him slowly come out of his shell and transform into a confident and brave child.  I realized that the techniques I learned with my son needed to be shared.  

I became a Certified Children's Relaxation Teacher in March 2017 through Shambalakids so that I could offer classes and guidance to children of all ages.

In July 2017 I had the opportunity to attend a 5 day comprehensive course with a renowned leader specializing in teaching activity-based mindfulness to children, Susan Kaiser Greenland.  She developed the Inner Kids mindful awareness model that teaches children to become aware of what's happening in their mind and body and how to use that information to be less reactive in difficult situations. In using her book Mindful Games I learned how to share mindfulness and meditation in a fun and interactive way.  

In 2018 I completed Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindful Educator Essentials Courses through Mindful Schools. Using this training and my experience of mindfulness in my own practise I want to show children that there is a way to be happy and at peace with themselves and the world around them. I want children to have and cultivate kindness and compassion. To lead their life in a way that I didn’t think I could or even knew I could.  This led me to create Inner Peace Kids.  A place where kids and mindfulness meet. 

My Passions

My passions are yoga, music, nature, animals and the power of play, being silly and creative.  My heart lights up when I think of my family, the future and what life has to offer for children everywhere.

Mindfulness Education

Mindfulness Fundamentals through Mindful Schools

Mindfulness Educator Essentials through Mindful Schools

Trained in Activity-Based Mindfulness for Children by Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of the Mindful Child and Mindful Games.

Shambalakids Certified Children's Relaxation Teacher

Denise’s demeanour and calm voice started off my daughter’s journey to discovering mindfulness. Denise sets a perfect stage for the children to learn about and explore their feelings. My daughter learned many mindful tips and loved coming home and sharing them with the family. Looking forward to many more sessions for my little girl!!
— Inner Peace Kids Club Parent